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Pubic hair part two


Warning, this part has no scientific foundation. Take the script only as a hypothesis considering that most of the time the adjustment of female pubic hair by hand only depends on the choice of bikinis regardless of the amount of fabric in color but often, the fancy mold, fashion and class features that determines the unique view of the beaches to which the hair is reduced in the Dictatorship of swimwear.

I also wanted to tell you that sometimes you think of these hair removal methods as a way to satisfy the desires of women patner but believe me, there's nothing that a woman does something only to please him.


Hair uncultured

Overgrown by hair means the woman who does not carry any cabiamento or cutting the pubic hair. It 'is often thick and thins but sometimes keeping the original expanded form. Often the axillary hair is not changed. This type of woman unconsciously wants to represent their female being without artifice, a woman who wants to draw its essence and sensuality nall'essere itself, without frills or falsity. Even the hair in most cases correspond to the message, without visible permanent or special colors. On the one hand, the message is very sincere, but the other one might think of a way reactionary, a closed nature, does not want to change things good or bad and accept the idea of ​​women in any primary or subordinate position you are in society. But if you think that women were once all the pubic hair and now it is rare intregrale, communication has changed: it could mean a willingness to be different and outside of the patterns and trends and enhancing women by means of imposing one's being The peculiarity and the sexual signal that has pubic hair.



Hairy Triangle

And 'the feminine form and maternal par excellence. Even the ancient and primitive to represent the female sex to the stylized triangle, so the ancient Egyptians, ancient culture refined to excellence. Women who have decided to create a triangle are full of their own femininity and give a message at the same time sensual and maternal. After all, the same bikini, panties, and the same physical shape of the womb to the vagina delimits the area in a simple and harmonious triangle. And 'the feminine form par excellence, yet it is very into disuse in recent times.

However the message is partially unconscious, outlining their female form spontaneously with a simple plan of care and landscaping that makes a purely feminine sensuality without neglecting the significance of the maternal unconscious.


sleeping in a rectangular

With the hair in a rectangular part of a communication that goes beyond the desire for naturalness of the first two forms mentioned above that does not mean being negative, at the bottom of the human being is a complex social needs and to represent their emotions and feelings in the most various forms.

In the first two cases above the pubic hair is the key stimulus of the woman who became an adult and only because it represents it in an upright position hides the vulva. Rectangular sleeping with the vision of the watershed between the vagina and vulva still hidden by pubic hair.

Here are these two representations: a rectangular sleeping without intervening in the vulva and the one that makes visible the vulva. In cases entrabi aware there is an element of sensuality, an artifice volunteered to be the most beautiful and exciting as a form not in keeping with the natural conformation and with a greater awareness in those with shaved vulva. But all this is part of the aesthetic sensuality, eroticism and beauty of communication, not an open invitation to copulation!

The hair in the rectangle represents the perfect compromise between the rational and instinctive desire to be female and the desire to be sensual.



Hair in tufts

It happens that between it and not have it you opt for a small tuft above the vulva shaved. In this case, the hair loses its symbolism in favor of the vulva that becomes the main protagonist. The hair is an ornament. It sensualizza or not sensualizza? From the idea of ​​confusion, or may not want, do or not do.

If you reduce it so why not remove it permanently? If the hair has so little importance because you keep it?

At the end is like putting a small bow to grace, to soften the symbolic power without sacrificing definitely has the hair. This message also applies to star-shaped hairs heart, etc. ... Refine the vulva without sacrificing key stimulus to the hair.

Unfortunately this type of hair removal has resulted in one fatality, which is its modern name that is the Beckham hair (do not ask me why the fuck you call it and I do not even want to know!)



fur strip

A variation of the hair is the hair-tufted stripe or Brazilian who is to leave a thin vertical and long course from the vulva hairless for up to where it grows.

This type of hair gives the impression that the vaginal opening is much longer. This sense of hypersexuality is unconscious but conscious aesthetic erotic message.



colored hairs

This type of hair is not very popular because it presuponerebbe vision to an audience not malicious. The color creates precisely imagination and creativity are not accepted in our society move between bigotry and perversion and nudist camps would be mistaken for an explicit exhibitionism is not tolerated. Yet by comparison with the hair, being both a sexual symbol, one is accepted but the other does not. Yet hair green or red and / or pubic hair green or red have the same notification.




no hair or waxing full

The fact that porn stars have first used the whole hair has misinterpreted the meaning. It should not be mistaken for a modern practice, our friends were already ancient Egyptian.

It is thought that the message is explicit: the vagina is completely exposed, without hair on the hide or divert its gaze assumes the explicit sexuality, transgressive. But once again the intention is different.

The pubic hair is a key stimulus of sexuality and is taken here for more sexuality is a contradiction.

In my opinion, women who practice hair removal as opposed to the full pornstars want to represent themselves as children, teenagers or small, without malice and with the sexual purity of childhood. It may seem strange, but very close to the awareness of the vagina at least twice that reached puberty, with the features of the breast and hips wider than an adult, you unconsciously want to be and that spontaneous and simple to use the typical sexuality of preadolescence divorced from the neurotic adult.


These forms are the basics and grow from here all the variants (for example, the hair can be a rectangle wider or narrower, higher or lower, pruned or natural length, rarely ... etc.) but which are never as if all the things we do.

That, however, as with all messages implicit or explicit, that we often want to be different from what it is or wrong way to understand and more. This still happens even with the clothes, our objects, which are not always as we wish or we are more than what we are. Understanding the true from the false in all things requires an analytical effort that we all have the ability and means to farlo.E this is also the modern message of pubic hair, or the representation of the nude in general.